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So, I think I mentioned a while back that I've pondering the future of this blog. My posting has dwindled a lot lately, for a variety of reasons. Just busy for one. Also, I'm frankly not interested in posting somewhere where I'm just going to get harrassed by some troll who got here from some fat hate site. Like, say, NAAFA. Primarily, though, I'm concerned about pleasing my audience. I know somethings interest people more than others. Lately, I've been very interested in politics and have posted about it a lot, but a lot less than I wanted. Sometimes, I want to post about baseball or the football playoffs, but I know you guys don't care about that. This also keeps me from promoting this site. I have a link at the fat related sites I post, but not other ones, because I'm too concerned about the inconsistant focus. I mean, I'd like readers, but I know I'll just turn off a sports fan with a lengthy post about John Edwards. And as to political sites I visit, are they necessarily going to give a damn about non-political fat issues as an introduction?

So, what do I do? Decide to focus on one subject? That'd make sense, but I've never been good at concentrating on one goal. I always want them all. So, I'm thinking I might just start several new blogs to post on my interested subjects. I figure I'd have 4. One for fat issues, one for politics, one for sports, and one for pop-cult stuff. I'm thinking about keeping this blog as a kind of clearinghouse for all posts, and obviously some stuff would be cross posted. My pimping for Romeo Void's appearance on Bands Reunited is both fat related and pop-cult focused, for instance. I'm thinking this might actually get me posting more, because I'll be less concerned about turning off my audience and could actually bother to, you know, GET an audience beyond a couple friends.

Just a thought for now. Actually, that was my original idea for a site before I started my blog. I wanted a site to post my writing with defined sections for various topics. Of course, I'm the king of unfufilled projects. Already setting myself up for one as I've started writing a graphic novel I know I'll probably do nothing with, even though I've already bothered to come up with a three-year story arc. Mid-to-late 20's angst, I guess. You know, the feeling that I want to persue all my hopes and dreams, and the nagging feeling that I dropped the ball by not doing more to persue them when I was 20. All sorts of missed opportunites due to spreading myself to thin. (which, of course, is what I'm proposing now, but lets not confuse this discussion with logic) Wishing I was more dedicated to singing or acting in high school. Contradicting that wish by wishing I was quicker to give up on performing and concentrating on developing myself as a writing. Wishing I was Communications major in college. Wishing I bothered to learn how to really draw instead of learning how to do some really good sketches but missing some key skills. Wishing I tried to developing my comic side so I could have been a comedy writer. Wishing I knew how I could start persuing any of this now. Wishing I knew what I want to do with my life. Lots of wishing.

I'm actually optimistic about that graphic novel, but I always get like that and never follow through. But, maybe I'm wrong. I've got this weird thing where I'm a pessimistic optimist. Ah, well.

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