Huzzah and Kudos!

I wanted to post a link to video from an amazing segment from Jon Stewart on yesturday's The Daily Show where he illustrated the ways Republicans use "talking points" to defame John Kerry and John Edwards.  A very brilliant segment yet so simple.  He just showed repeated clips of GOP spokespeople using the same exact language to attack Kerry and Edwards without ever backing it up.
But, alas, they don't have it on their site yet.  So, instead, I will link to his reporting on the gay marriage issue, which was also top notch and touched on one of the funniest stories to come out of that.  Namely, the analogy one Republican made between gay marriage and marriages between men and box turtles.
Yes, box turtles.  Jon has the story so I won't repeat it, but suffice to say the "Universal Symbol" he uses to represent man/box turtle relations is hilarious and needs to be a T-Shirt.  The Box Turtle, by the way, has very quickly been adopted as the mascot of the Gay Marriage movement.  Because its just such a hilarious analogy.  Way funnier than Senator Rick Santorum's obsession with man on dog sex.

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