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Should have posted these here a LONG time ago, but the always wonderful Sandy Szwarc has written some more articles debunking the diet industry. I know there are a lot fo complaints about Tech Central Station, and from what I've read they are mostly well-founded, but I am glad someone is publishing Sandy's work. I don't care if they have an ulterior motive. Indeed, I suspect they don't since Sandy's work REALLY pisses off a favorite "writer" on the right and of TCS, sicko Michael Fumento. But the bottom line is that someone out there needs to be looking at the culture of weight loss critically, and having had the opportunity to chat with Sandy at this site and others, I trust her. I know she's not on the same side of the political spectrum as me, but fat acceptance is, at its heart, a civil rights issue, and that has no political boundries. Right, left, its all good. I'll gladly take any genuine allies to the cause of fat accceptance. (Yeah, I know I said I gave up on Fat Acceptance; the movement, not the idea)

So, anyway, enough hand-wringing and parentheticals. I'll just let Sandy do the talking. And I highly recommend you give it a read. Here's to hoping someone collects her writing in a book!

Please Pass the Cake
Cognative Disconnect
Hey Feds, Weight a Minute...
On Obesity, What the Researchers Didn't Find
Loopy Links
Its the Fitness, Stupid

And the articles I've linked to in the past...

The Truth About Obesity
The Skinny on Fat
The Diet Problem
Dying to be Thin
The War on Fat's Casualties
To Your Health
Where's the Epidemic?
To Do List
A Simple Plan
A Matter of Health
Mikey Doesn't Like It
Killing Turkeys Causes Winter
Getting Excersised about Excersise
Shape Up America
The Emperor's New Crisis

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