OJ? Really?

There are these posters all over Boston announcing "OJ IS GUILTY!" which then continues to present itself as an anti-Orange Juice ad for some sort of orange water. Orange Juice apparently, now being bad for you.

Orange Juice? Really?

It amazes me that the notion of "common sense" can allow people to completely condemn fat people, but doesn't allow them to stop and ask whether attacking orange juice really sounds right. It seems that Orange Juice has too many "carbs", so I guess this is some Atkins nonsense. The text on the bottle of orange colored water also makes a big deal about how the ideal breakfast with the mom serving OJ is unrealistic, but even if you can't get your mom to serve you OJ, you can still have orange colored water. Because God forbid you just pour your own damn glass of OJ.

I'm sorry, but Orange Juice isn't bad for you. End of story. Its juice, for goodness sake. The only way one could see that as being far too much is if a person is either starving themselves or insanely obsessive about "carbs". Which regretably are a lot of people so I'm sure the orange colored water will do quite well for itself.

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