"Moderately" Fat

I want to show how "moderate" I am about fat issues. Because the in-between position is always best and shows how even-handed I am for finding balance between the extremes of fad dieting and those stupid-heads in fat acceptance.

Moderate views about means agreeing with the substance of everything fat haters say, but trying to phrase it more nicely. See, that's balanced because you have the illusion of the respect that fat acceptance asks for, but you don't actually need to listen to anything they have to say and can dismiss them out of hand.

Having moderate views about fat means never really challenging fat hatred. Maybe a word of lip service against its most crass promoters, but you need to realize their heart is in the right place. They mean will. They are only thinking of your well being. Instead, you'll spend all of your time talking about fat attacking and belittling fat acceptance for being so stupid and disagreeing with what everyone has decided is right. And, of course, repeatedly reminding them that you're calling for a kinder gentler fat acceptance. You only need to insist that you disagree with the MeMe's and Fumento's. You only need to speak out against fat activists.

Moderate views about fat means always come up with a straw man attack of "fad diets" to prove that you stand up to both sides. Fad diets, of course, are defined by the diets other people go on. Probably stupid fat people who don't know how to lose weight and spend all of their time stuffing their faces and sitting around. Which you'll point out in the most polite fashion. Fad diets are always something someone else is doing. They are always ineffective and wrong. But you've got a whole new way of eating that is totally different. The diet company told you so. You'll also criticize starvation diets, but fail to ever define that. Again, its just what other, stupider people do. You'll pretend to agree with fat acceptance's attacks against dieting as long as the definition is limited to an undefined set of diets that won't impact any of the weight loss diets you care to advocate.

Being a fat issues moderate means being against fat discrimination, but not being for doing anything about it. Giving lip service to its badness while concurring with all of the motivations for fat discrimination is just moderate thinking. You'll only need to mention it when trying to shut up some fat activist by proving your balanced views. It won't require any more effort than that, though.

Having moderate views on fat means only blaming fat people secondarily and acting like this is a great service to them. You'll make a point of find some other force or entity to blame primarily, whether it be culture, corporations or a combination of the two. See, this is being polite. As long as everyone agrees fat is bad, of course. Its just polite to pretend to blame something else while doing little to ameliorate the social consequences for actual fat people. Its not their fault they are fat. Its just their fault they are still fat. See, that's moderation. Fat's always a bad thing, but you'll briefly assign blame away from the fatty.

Having moderate views about fat acceptance is like having your cake and eating it to. (Except that's something fat people would do. Aren't they gross! Shhh, don't tell them to their faces.) You get to enjoy the righteous unquestioning certainty of fat hatred with the righteous moral superiority of thinking you've found some actual balance. Of course, be sure to preserve that sense of the moral high ground by ripping any person asking for anything outside your approved views of fat to be a radical and extremist while also claiming how they are oppressing your balanced views. After all, fat haters will never really take issue with you since you aren't disagreeing with them in any substantive way. I mean, if there is no difference between the moderate view and one extreme, there just must really be something wrong with people on the other side of you.

If you're willing to part with the moderate label, considering positioning your attitudes as the "other side" of the debate to further emphasize the extremeness of fat acceptance. You represent the acceptable face of fat acceptance. The one that agrees with fat stigmatization.

I mean, its only moderate.

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