Maggie does a Podcast!

Okay, so maybe not Maggie and more me. I was honored to be invited to join the Friend of Marilyn radio show and podcast from Access Manawatu, but Maggie was the topic of discussion. Check out the October 12 episode on iTunes or RSS as I talk with host Cat Pause about the Maggie book and my appropriation of Maggie for body positive messages. I'm surprisingly happy with the discussion considering how self-critical I can be about these things. Download and listen now!

Also, check out Maggie's recent adventures from my Tumblr:

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“Maggie rejects Fatphobic Fashion Dictates”

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“Maggie Goes to the Beach”

“Maggie Takes Up Hiking”


dee.calarco said...

What a great idea. I love them!

Hellianne said...

Hey, Maggie's hiking in the Middlesex Fells, isn't she? On the Skyline Trail? I love that hike! Haven't quite gotten my ankles strong enough to do all seven miles in one go yet, but getting there...

Brian said...

Good catch Hellianne. It is the Fells (you can tell from the Map), but the photo is from the Rock Circuit trail on the East side. Pinnacle Rock if my memory is correct. I feel bad that I haven't gotten out there in years at this point but I absolutely loved hiking the Rock Circuit trail. The views on the Southern side were just stunning. You can see the planes landing at Logan and the full Boston skyline all the way to the Blue Hills. I gather the Skyline has some great views of Boston, too. I'm close to the West side of the Fells now, so I should really get back there.

Hellianne said...

Ah, I'm more of a West Fells person. Your pic does look very similar to a bit of the Skyline, though. Before you hit the trail, you might want to know that the trees have gotten a lot taller since the trails were named, so many of the "Skyline" views are pretty obscured, especially when the trees are in full leaf.

Brian said...

If I get ambitious, I might try getting out to the Cross Fells trail this weekend and maybe pick-up the skyline. The only thing I hate now is getting out there on mass transit. I was spoiled because I used to live about a 5-10 minute walk from an entrance on the Eastern side.

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