Great Minds Thinking Alike

Well, okay, so maybe I don't really have a great mind, but two bonafide great minds on fat acceptance, Marilyn Wann and Jennifer Portnick, had the same idea I did about running to Amazon.com to post reviews. Predictably, the anti-fat folks are out front on this, too, so its all the more important to go there and post your own reviews of the new Paul Campos book as soon as you've read it. And go right now to mark the fat haters' reviews as unhelpful.

The Obesity Myth by Paul Campos
Fat!So? by Marilyn Wann
Big Fat Lies by Dr. Glenn Gaesser

And while you're at it, Barnes and Noble does customer reviews, too, so swing on over there and offer your opinion.

The Obesity Myth by Paul Campos

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