Now I know. Now I don't wanna know.

Okay, I'm the last person to participate in self-pitying for fat admirers, but one little stat in Paul Campos' book stuck out at me. I've always been told how easy it is for FA's because there are so many fat women and so few FA's. Its funny, because this is about the only thing I don't think works out in the FA's favor. Everything else FA's complain about just strike me at non-issues. But, the breakdown of FAs and BBWs just didn't feel quite right to me. Why was I having such problems finding the right woman if this were so? Was I some kind of a loser or something?

But, a ha! The stats didn't tell the whole story. Because most fat women are chronic dieters and not likely to be interested in someone like me. And besides, I'm not interested in dating a chronic dieter. I believe in fat acceptance, even if not in the movement, and thats something I want to share with whoever I'm with. At least on some level. According to statistics Campos cites, as many as 93% of fat women are dieting at any given time. That leaves 7% remaining that I could be a match for. 7% out of 31% of women who are fat. By my math, that means just over 2% of women are potential matches for me. That's not even getting into more general compatibility issues. (I said I was going to write a post about what I'm looking for in a woman, didn't I? Might still get around to that). Now, I've seen it quoted that 10% of men are attracted to fat women. I suspect this number to be less than perfect, especially since it probably comes from Dimensions Magazine. Let's be generous and say its closer to 7%. So, that's 7% of guys interested in 2% of women. Self-accepting women enjoy a 3 to 1 advantage in finding a mate! Quite a different story then the annecdotal observations of male/female rations at BBW dances.

I kinda prefered not realizing that. Oh well.

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