So, wait... its not because of fat people?

A stunning development out of Canada over the weekend with regards to diabetes research. Now, I have to caution that while this is encouragine news, it is also still very early in the research process. That said, a team of Canadian scientists have been able to cure Diabetes in mice. Not manage, cure.

Their research looked at the nervous system instead of the body's immune system as most have assumed was the key factor. By counteracting damaged pain neurons in the Pancreas, they essentually jump start the body's insulin production and reduced insulin resistance. While its not a perminant cure, it was sustain for as long as four months. While treatment for Diabetes would still be ongoing, it would be vastly more effective and far less burdensome. They still have to show that the treatments on mice can work on humans, and that is a major jump. But this is an enormous amount of promise coming out of nowhere. It also sharply challenges the "weight control" means of "treating" diabetes. That may not even remotely be linked to the actual causes. At the very least, by challenging conventional wisdom, this research could lead to major improvement in treating a disease which does impact the lives of many fat people. I'm cautious, but hopeful all the same.

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