Fat to the Future

Given how awful fatness is, you'd think forward looking science fiction would regularly imagine a future free from the blight of fat people. Flying cars, space travel, no fatties. You might think that, but its often not the case. I can think of any number of science fiction TV series that have imagined a future that does involve fat people. Even fat humans. From sillier shows like Futurama to weightier fare like Star Trek: The Next Generation it seems that many don't think fat people are going to be eradicated anytime soon.

Its hard to know what this is. In most instances of fat characters on Futurama, the creators clearly were not willing to give up the visual vocabulary of fatness, but not all. While live-action shows have to draw upon our present society for actors, its not like avoiding fat ones would be all that hard. Heck, plenty of shows imagine a PRESENT without fat people. I recall an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that featured and elderly fat doctor who was a guest star in one episode. I doubt much thought was put into these appearances, but it seems interesting all the same that no one stopped to conclude fat people won't exist in the future.

Does anyone else have any examples of fat people in the future? I know we may not get much

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