"Fat Liberation - A Luxury?"

I've continued perusing the incredible archives of the Fat Underground. This group of activists is really an inspiration and its a shame more aren't aware of what they did to shape fat politics. Came upon a great piece from 1977 that reminds us how little has really changed in our culture in the last 30 years. Its well worth a read, and I'll tempt you with its forceful conclusion.

"I began this letter in response to your statement that you have a fat client in therapy who has to lose 50 pounds or she'll die of diabetes. I hope you can see how this woman cannot afford to continue trying to lose weight. The damage has been done to her. Your efforts to make her slim, no matter how well-intentioned, will hurt her even more. What you can do is join with her and other fat people in demanding a realistic cure for her diabetes, and an end to her oppression. Coercion to diet is denial of real cures. Liberation is not a luxury."

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