No babies for fatties

A British organization that sets guidelines for fertility treatments has decided to ban fertility treatments for fat mothers. Though this is not a legally enforced guideline, it is widely followed and it can be fair to assume that fat women in the UK will have access to IVF treatments severely limited. The article notes this is 25% of women in the UK.

Even a weight loss expert found this to be discriminatory. Not that surprising, actually, as there has long been a thread of anti-fat crusading that masks its intentions by claiming to be fighting for the rights of fat people. The "until they lose weight" is always added in hushed tones right after. Here, its the "National Obesity Forum", which evidently gets a lot of funds from the pharmacutical industry to promote weight loss drugs. Gosh, I wonder if their handlers might also not want to limit access to fertility drugs for some reason. Couldn't be that a front for the drug companies might have another motive to promote access to drugs, could it?

As always, "balance" in a story about fat is two sides who want to promote weight loss arguing over who promotes weight loss better. I'm reminded of a story I just read about fat discrimination in the workplace. A statistic from NAAFA about fat discrimination was a launching point for a story about why we should lose weight to avoid workplace discrimination. Even when they quote fat acceptance, the media pretends we don't exist.

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