A Big Fat Brainstorm

Kell Brigan posts a call for fat activism brainstorming that is well work checking out. Some solid ideas there for what a fat acceptance movement should be providing. Its definitely a wish list, but there is an infrastructure for some of it so this isn't pie in the sky, either. All solid ideas, but I wanted to spotlight one in particular:
Really, really, really get behind International No Diet Day, i.e. organize marches in each state, prepare buttons & t-shirts, arrange "teach-ins", arrange "speak-ins", do press releases at the state and city level, arrange city-level coordinators for marches and events, contact campuses, large-size clothing stores, onling fat activist blogs & message boards, in front of medical facilities, in front of women-friendly businesses (i.e. Feminist Women's Health Center)

Could not agree with this one more. INDD is an important symbolic event that deserves rallying around, especially from the new generation of fat blogs. It was noted by a lot of the fat blogs this past year, but I'd like to see us expand awareness next year, perhaps with a collective, week-long event leading up to May 6, 2008. All fat acceptance blogs could work together to generate articles in honor of
INDD. Maybe we could even adopt a blue color scheme to recognize the event.

INDD is an established event that could be reinvigorated with an additional push to use it to raise awareness about fat acceptance. Though May 6, 2008 is still a long way off, I'd really love to see us do something special to give it momentum for the years to come.

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