Life, 100 Calories at a Time.

Those 100 Calorie packs seem to be breeding at a fast pace. They have them out for everything, it seems. I saw one for candy bars, today. Diet-size candy bars? Stop the insanity, already.

The pre-portioned diet fad is obviously all the rage right now. The idea, of course, being that since fat people keep being fat that we must be too stupid to diet and need to pay Kraft Foods to diet for them. The mark-up is often over 100%, too. Dieters are eager, of course. After all, they ARE still fat so they obviously think they need help. Its never questioned whether the trying is really necessary or useful in the first place.

They've struck on this 100 calorie mark. Because it's scientifically justified? Nah, probably because it looks good with product branding. Nice round number, you know. So they've encouraged a massive fad of people living 100 calories at a time. There is something dispiriting about that. The thought of these modern day Prufrocks measuring their lives in pre-portioned snack packages seems sad to me. Making life and joy into a packaged experience to the whims of a big corporation. Count me as quite happy my life is more than 100 calories at a time, and I hope it is for you, as well.

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