Why I love her.

Figures that I write a post more or less for the exclusive purpose of it being seen and it gets eaten up by the all important fat-o-sphere feed. Anyway, speaking of that post...

I was a little worried when I posted it because instead of just insulting me, the troll also seemed to be insulting my girlfriend and I didn't know exactly how she'd take that. I mean, sure it was bluntly childish and easy to dismiss, but childish insults have a way of hurting us even when they shouldn't. Anyway, so I read the troll's comment to her last night and what was her response?

She burst out laughing.

Which is about right and certainly the reaction the troll deserves. Being laughed at for such wild and absurdist idiocy. Its a little old-hat for me. In high school I was ridiculed as "gay" for writing in support of gay rights in the school paper. When I suggested that fat women don't owe anything to FA's for being attracted to them, I was dismissed as a only respecting women to get into their pants. When I defended NAAFA before NAAFA sold me out, I was diagnosed as autistic when I wasn't being diagnosed with heart disease. (Guess who NAAFA sold me out, too?) The saddest thing is that all of these people, even the "you smell like cheese" fellow all think they are the ones who are respectable. They all think they are the ones who are mature and sensible. They all adopt the airs of "concern trolls" when not calling me an autistic gay suck-up who smells like cheese and should die. And yet they all turn around and say those things. Their hate is entitled and the fact that I've stopped being hurt by it is just another reason to hate me.

I'm glad my girlfriend isn't letting it hurt her, either, and I implore all of you to not back down from hurtful monsters like these. They deserve to be laughed at and little else.

My own personal troll just struck again. He went to the Wordpress site I've set up but haven't decided to use yet and he suggested that I must surely have had to stand back to Peru to get both me and my girlfriend in the shot above. Class acts, our distinguished rivals. We really must show them all the respect they deserve.

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