Jennifer Love Hewitt is fat

I mean, they are saying so on the internets so it must be true. Jennifer Love Hewitt is evidently a big ol' fatty. I mean, just look at her! How dare she not be a size 0. What kind of a role model is she? Doesn't she know there is an epidemic of fat kids she is encouraging by being so fat?

The first story I read about this had the usual vagueness that comes from the respectable press when they don't want to call someone out for being fat. They simply suggested that there were unflattering pictures of her in a bikini and had accompanying quotes from Hewitt supporters saying that they were concerned that girls were being told they needed to be super thin. Naive as I am, I actually assumed that the problem was that the pictures showed how THIN Jennifer Love Hewitt was and she was concerned about being held out as an example to strive for. I mean, its Jennifer Love Hewitt for goodness sake. The problem couldn't possibly be that SHE was too fat.

But, no, that's what all this fuss is about. I guess its even on the cover of People this week. Hewitt has come out and said she's happy with her body. Though it had the usual tone of "Dude, I'm NOT fat" kind of self-love, its better than a lot of what see, so good for her, I guess. I sought out the pictures (no, I'm not linking; find them yourself) and am really stunned at what passes for fat these days. Her stomach wasn't concave, though it could have just easily been muscles at fault an wasn't much to begin with, and her hips are, I guess, wide if you think Olive Oyl has an achievable body. Oh, and she sorta has flesh on her ass so no hip bones are in sight. What a fatty!

Its nice to see some stars rally around her and denounce the absurd expectations placed on women's bodies.
I don't really expect a more critical examination than the "Dude, that's not fat" from those speaking out, though it'd be nice if once someone would try to discuss the problem in more depth. For the next starlet deemed unacceptably not-thin, I guess. Yes, its a problem that size 2's are now being ridiculed as fat, but without tackling the hysterical fear of fat our culture fosters, we won't really change that.

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