dreading california

I don't think I even want to know how things turn out in Cali. I'll watch The Daily Show but I'm just really dreading the notion that this scum bag is going to get elected in what is a farce to begin with. All the more so if fewer people vote for Arnie than voted against the recall. This isn't Democracy. It's a joke. I half-want Davis to resign right now, thus ensuring the recall becomes a moot point. But, I know that would blow up in the face of the Democratic Party, but it may be worth it to avoid Governor Terminator. His supports have no idea what they are doing. Literally! I mean, they don't know what he believes what he stands for or anything. Just that he's a good "leader". Really took it to those machines, after all. This was all funny a while back, but the wave of stupid is continuing unabated. I have to worry that people just won't wake up to this once he gets into office. I can't console myself with the notion that he'll kill himself, because there is no reason he should have gotten this far. I can respect a Republican candidate I disagree with. Its the system. I can deal with McClintock winning (he won't) but Arnie is another thing entirely. He's mocking politics. Mocking Government. Mocking all that our forefathers worked to ensure. And the fact that he doesn't get to make crappy movies for a few years is very little consolation, either.

Ugh. And I don't even live there. Cali has problems, but Grey Davis is WAY down on the list. How about reforming that disgustingly unfair property law? Man alive. California has what might be the most immoral tax code in the history of tax codes. Even worse than taxation without representation, because that had no pretense. How is this not more of an issue? It can be reformed WITHOUT raising overall taxes. But, of course, the people who'll pay are the wealthiest and greediest. Arnie included.

I just don't want to look. It's like a great big car wreck. At least the baseball playoffs have been interesting.

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