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Well, didn't take long to do that again.

I highly recommend checking out Tish's commentary on Average-size Privilege over at Fatshadow. It is extremely well-worth reading and contributing to the discussion and I highly recommend any of my readers who haven't yet seen it to go and check it out. Look for her entry on October 15.

The other thing I've been reading today is about the scary views of a Christian extremists in a very high level post in the Defense Department. Because his cronies are keen to bump him up the ranks, they are down-playing statements which aside from being profoundly bigoted, are putting men and women in uniform in very real danger by inciting Muslums to respond with the same level of righteous violence he exposes. Thus is the story of Lt. General Jerry Boykin. Check out the report from the L.A. Times, or from NBC News, or from Salon. It is some pretty disturbing rhetoric this guy has been saying to churches. Some of it, he even says in uniform. Despite many complaints, the Defense Department refuses to do anything about it, saying he didn't break any "rules." Yeah, because aparently judgement calls aren't made at the Pentagon. I guess someone endangering our foreign policies and our soldiers on the ground is okay, because it technically doesn't violate any rules. Its all very disturbing, indeed. But, it seems, Boykin has the answer to how we got stuck with W. as our President, according to Salon's Joe Conason. He reports the general as once commenting, "George Bush was not elected by a majority of the voters in the United States. He was appointed by God." This level of religious extremism has no place in our government or the military. Its no wonder Muslum nations doubt our intentions when the hatred of this nutcase is so easily tolerated.

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