generic what i'm reading post #1

You know, I don't post enough about just what I'm reading. I usually feel that unless I have at least something to offer, I should just keep it to myself. But, I keep thinking I should do more of that, so here we go...

Last month, Slate ran an illuminating two-part story on how the majority of people in the draft Hillary for President movement were actually conservative Republicans who were just salivating at the mere thought of getting to attack a Clinton some more. There is actually a book writen by some GOP idealogue laying out her "scheme" to run for the White House. All this in-spite of her continually consistant "I'm not running" stance. Its all a funny little portrait of the single-minded obsession of many of the kind of folks Al Franken talks about.

I guess they didn't think they were funny enough.

Seems they are now attacking Hillary for running a bad campaign. You can't write a joke like that. I mean, what can you do but laugh. Meanwhile, Hillary continues to establish herself as an entirely competiant and effective representative of the people of New York. No reason I can see for her to stop doing something she's clearly very good at.

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