you, all right. i learned it by watching you.

I guess it shows just how straight-laced I am that I still have no fucking clue what was in the cigar box in the 1987 anti-drug PSA where the dad confronts his kid only to learned that his son learned drug use from him, all right. It was always a silly commercial as the kid keeps trying to answer his dad but the father keeps intereupting him to shut him. Daddy was probablly doped up, though, so what are you gonna do. But, I'm still mystified by that drug paraphonalia. It looked so scary and, well, complicated. I mean, this kid didn't look like someone who was into hard drugs. Maybe a joint with friends, but what was that stuff? Heroin? Cocaine? I still don't know.

But, I guess I'll be doing this kind of flash-back shit a lot because VH1 will start airing their sequel to "I Love the 80's" next week. Appropriately named, of course, "I Love the 80's Strikes Back". Hell, I even watched "I Love the 70's" and I genuinely wasn't there for that. I really hope the release it on DVD, though. I love this sort of meaningless pop-culture nostalgia.

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