Fat Activism Request

Just a quick call to all the fat activist oriented individuals posting here. With the new release of "The Obesity Myth" by Paul Campos, now would be a good time to go to Amazon and post glowing reviews of some classics of Fat Acceptance literature. If you've read any of the books below, I strongly urge you to post a review. If you haven't, I strongly urge you to visit the site anyway and mark the positive reviews as helpful and the negative ones as unhelpful. Its a little thing, but considering how dependable it is for anti-fat acceptance forces to try to use the User Comments section to launch attacks on fat people, its important for us to overwhelm their negativity. And if you don't have any of the books below, feel free to buy through this link, as I'll get a cut from Amazon.

The Obesity Myth by Paul Campos
Fat!So? by Marilyn Wann
Big Fat Lies by Dr. Glenn Gaesser

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