Nothing important.

So, this has really gotten to be more of a personal blog than a pop-cult blog. Oh, well. I probably could have seen it coming. Though I've touched on politics with Fat Acceptance, I've still mostly left that subject off limits as I do want to start a political blog, still. And this will be for all other wastes of time.

I really need to do it soon, though, because I keep wanting to write something political. I admire the hell out of the great Poliblogs out there. I know I can't do what the best of them do, but I'd like to do what I can. Especially while I'm short of funds and unable to support the causes I really want to support.

Anyway, nothing important. Just felt like posting and I figured I might as well be done with it. I'm always hesitant to post after a long one like my last post, but had to do it sooner or later.

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