Let us Let You Do It Yourself

I was reminded of what I still consider the most insane service ever advertised. I'm sure it has a point I'm missing, but I guess that's my point.

New from H&R Block! Do your taxes yourself!

Um, okay. Close as I can tell, for $35, they'll do the math. Or rather, some computer program will do the math. Now, you can by a well-known computer program to do the math for $20, so I still don't get the service. I even less get the pitch.

Its the commercial all about how some people have the "Do-it-Yourself" gene and now H&R Block has something for them. Um, okay. But, I've been doing my own taxes for years. I'm young enough and make little enough that my return is entirely uncomplicated. But, if I got complicated and I wanted to do it myself, would I figure that out, ya know, by myself? Doesn't paying someone blatantly defeat the purpose of Do-it-Yourself? Especially when they don't seem to be offering much in the first place. I don't know, I just don't get it. I mean, "Let us let you do-it-yourself!" just strikes me as a weird pitch.

But I'm all proud of myself, anyway, since I did my taxes a month ago. Already have my returns, too. Yay me!

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