buddy, can you spare $20?

Read this in the New York Times this morning. (its from Sunday's paper) The US Government is pulling out all the stops to promote the forthcoming redesign for the $20 bill. Instead of the usual PSA's, they hired William Morris and having a full-on marketing and public relations plan, including product placement.

Product placement? For money?

I want to make fun of it, but its actually not a bad idea. Just funny to contemplate officials from the Treasury in pitch meetings with show-biz producers and writers trying to snag a guest spot for the $20 on an upcoming Law & Order. Still, this is the way to build awareness and get a lot more exposure for their money. The government usually does things the old way, so it is kinda refreshing to see the real beauracratic element of the Federal Govenment really thinking outside the cliched box for once.

Its also revealing to learn that when you see Letterman crack jokes about the $20, its not just irreverant humor. Its the product of a meeting the Government had with the show's writers. They wanted the new $20 to be made fun of, and pushed for it. Makes me wonder about some other odd topics that find their way into Late Night monologues. At least I can rest assured that The Daily Show wll do a hilarious bit on it. And that's apparently just what the Bureau of Engraving and Printing wants.

And if it gets me blathering on about it in my blog, all the better.

Above product placement has not been paid for. hehe

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