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Since there was some confusion about my post from yesturday, let me make it perfectly clear that it was a joke. No, I don't get mullets, but I obviously don't care that much about it. I'm sure plenty of folks with mullets don't get my long hair. Its their right. I made a little joke out of my bemusement with mullet aficianados, and that's all it was meant. Some jokes are made with malice. If I wasn't clear about that, I apologize, but joking of this fashion has a long history and is intentionally of little consequence. It was meant as a pointless and acknowledgedly petty joke. That's all. For more about the rich tradition of mullets, you are welcome to visit Mullet Junky. (be warned, some gratutitous anti-fat jokes are contained within)

Update: That being said, I might as well get it out right now. Somethings just bother me. Somethings I just don't get. Does mean I have a problem with people who are different? Nope. Just means I don't get it. I don't get mullets. I don't get golf. I don't get tacky plaid clothing ebelished with images of Disney characters. I don't get those sickeningly cute Mary Englewhatever illustrations. I don't get Lifetime. There, I've said it. Some things, I just don't get. Doesn't mean I hate them. I'm sure plenty of people don't get classical music, cartoons, action figures, DVDs, and long sideburns. Good on them!

That being said, the comparison drawn by a comment-leaver between hairstyles and fatness is an inappropriate one. Even if I was passing judgement on mullet-wearers, their hair-style is a choice. Being fat isn't. It is assumed to be a choice by those who wish to pass judgement, but a basic element of Size Acceptance to correct that myth. I do not believe anyone is suggesting that mullets, for instance, are something you are born with. It is a choice you make. For instance, though I am unqualifiedly opposed to appearance based discrimination with regards to one's natural make-up, I am not opposed to businesses basing staffing, in part, on a person's chosen dress, hair style, facial hair, etc. that a person has either changed from their natural make-up (such as hair-dye) or has chosen to adopt. I may generally disagree with such decisions, but I don't think they are wrong. Except in public school, where unless you are portraying an explicitly hateful message with your experience, students should be free to express themselves as they please.

That being said, part of my confused tone may have come from the fact that I am less bemused and more seriously disturbed by comb-overs. Aside from the visual aspect, I don't like comb-overs because they are an effort to disguise something perfectly normal. I am not happy when a fat person bases their clothing or hairstyle on trying to disguise their fat. Such approaches assume a negative about something which is inheriantly nuetral, and that is a major cause for concern. Do not mistake me, I do not condemn these individuals, but I cannot support such actions, either. They go against the core of my beliefs in Size-Acceptance that we should accept our bodies as we are. As an additional arguement, I pointed out that comb-overs (much like most "slimming" clothing) just doesn't work at disgusing what you are ashamed of. The best way, and the most productive way, to deal with such issues of shame is work on not being ashamed. Not to hide behind a thin whisp of hair in a desperate bid to pretend you are something you aren't. There isn't anything wrong with being bald and more than there is anything wrong with being fat. I'm not going to condone any efforts to express shame of either.

That being said, that's all I have to say for now.

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