doesn't anyone promote tv shows anymore?

In spite of being well aware of the premieres of every god-awful sitcom on the fall line-up, I seem to have managed to be completely unaware of the impending season premiere of the one show I bother to watch, Friends. Yeah, its a bit of a guilty pleasure, but the show has its merits. And its the final season, too! Man, how'd I miss it? I'm very disappointed in NBC.

Eager to avoid such a similiar fate with the other couple of shows I watch regularly anymore (and I actually like TV) I paid a visit to the beloved TWop and the less well known TeeVee. I swear, TeeVee has got some of the funniest television writing I've ever had the pleasure to read, and I highly recommend reading their archives. Today, they mock Boston Public's effort at a "ripped from the headlines" story that actually dates back 12 years by suggesting next week, they will cover the Rubix Cube. hehe. Also, in their annual effort to put odds on what horrid show will be the first to get canceled, they come up with some predictably funny stuff. Seems this year features a proliferation of CSI rip-off's. On the NBC series, Las Vagas, they suggest that it's pitch would have been "Its CSI: Miami, only in Las Vegas!" Man, that had me laughing. I know its bad form to just repeat jokes, but seriously, give TeeVee a try. They've got great instincts for television and are damn funny.

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