lazy alcoholics

Don't worry, I'm not being horribly callous with my post topic. Just ironic. See, I saw a commercial today for something that just struck me as totally absurd.

A few years ago, the good people behind Kahlua started making these Kuhula mixed drinks. Ordinary mixed drinks, well known to many, but now pre-made for your convenience. Stuff like white russians and the like. Nice idea, I thought. I mean, I was sure they were a major rip-off, but whatever. It seemed like a fresh way to capitalize on a popular cocktail made from your drink.

Its gone too far, though.

It started when Bailey's introduced Bailey's minis. Now, I love Bailey's. Absolutely adore the stuff, especially on the rocks. But "minis"? Its just Bailey's in a small container. I don't get that. Is it that difficult to pour the damn stuff into a glass? Did we need to make such a dramatic contribution to consumer waste but putting them into tiny little containers? Was there that much demand for Bailey's on the go? Its not like the stuff is cheap, but now you're ripping people off without giving them anything.

The sillist, though, seems destined to be the most overmarketed. Have you seen these new "Bacardi and Cola" ads that play off like they are some kind of 80's interracial crime-fighting duo? Oy! But, seriously, we're talking about a freaking RUM AND COKE! You notice what's the brand name that got attached to that drink? It sure wasn't Bacardi. Besides that, its a RUM AND COKE! At least Kahlua mixed in alcohol. Bacardi is just adding some crappy non-brand cola and acting like its special. Its a RUM AND COKE! Sorry, its just that bares repeating. I mean, c'mon! That's going to far. Let the people obsessed with getting drunk easily stick to their shitty bear and leave the hard stuff to those of us with the wherewithall to poor a glass of Coke with some Rum.

In fairness, though, it bares some mention that I don't even like Rum and Coke. Now, a Malibu and Coke is something I like, which is downright bizarre. I mean, I hate Coconut and I prefer Pepsi of Coke. Malibu and Pepsi doesn't work, though, because the Pepsi is too sweet, and for some reason I like the Malibu's flavor in spite of my resistance to coconut. Go figure. But, being the "Girl Drink Drunk" that I am (as if I've ever been drunk!) I don't even get to the Malibu and Coke, much. But, it did get some play in the Barenaked Ladies song, "Alcohol". Great song, by the way. I'd suggest buying the album but I absolutely loathe the record industry and they way the spit on their artists. I meant to write about that a couple weeks ago, but the topic branched off into a wide discussion of labor relations that wasn't really going anywhere so I decided not to sit down and put it to paper. Er, well, put it to bytes, anyway. But, if you have a friend who has the album, Stunt, give it a listen. Its a very fun track, followed up by one of my personal favs "Call and Answer". That's just one of those songs that I really, *really* get, and completely appreciate.

But, I digress.

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