(fat) Bodies in Motion

With my rambling and incoherant "clarification" out of the way, there is another substantial post I want to get to. I'm not sure I'll get there tonight, but stay tuned.

In the meantime, I was tipped off to this New York Times article on size diversity in dance. I'm fortunate enough to enjoy the regular shows of the Big Moves dance company here in Boston, and some of their New York company are featured in Bolero NYC which is discussed in the article. The article offers an interesting perspective on issues of size among professional dancers. Check it out.

One interesting thing to note is the way the author talks around the issue at hand. I'm not faulting the writer, but its a good demonstration of how people will call fat people everything but fat. The only time the word "fat" appears is in a quote of a dancer describing themselves. I'd like to see writers actually use the word fat when discussing fat issues instead of trotting out every other word in the thesaurus. Its a way the language of our society margnializes fat people into an "other" only to be talked about it special terms and tortured turns of phrase.

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