Who's fat now?

So, who is the latest group to be singled out as being too fat and in need of obsessing about their weight? Thin people!

While there continues to be no indication that fat people have an inner thin person, thin people apparently can have an inner fat person as fat sometimes collects around people's organs. While this is a valuable thing to be aware of, it is yet another example of shame reporting over something we may not be able to do anything about (much like the fussing over apples vs. pears as if people could choose their body type). And of course the conclusion is to bring everyone into the weight hysteria fat people are subjected to. Because its worked so well at ridding the world of us fatties.

The most hilarious thing is that the article blames secret fat on focusing on diet rather than excercise but then suggests that just diet could be a solution. Do they even have any idea what they are talking about?

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