Fat Liberation Now! (a re-introduction)

This is a blog for unapologetic advocacy of fat acceptance. I'm angry. I'm passionate. I'm not going to mince words. If that hurts anyone's feelings, they need to ask themselves why one person believing and saying something different from what they believe in should upset them.

Fat acceptance has spent too long playing to the delicate sensibilities of our critics. We must stop allowing those who scorn fat acceptance to set the limits of our expression. This blog is about reclaiming fat acceptance, reclaiming fat activism, and reclaiming fat liberation.

If you hate me or hate fat acceptance, save your bandwidth and go elsewhere. I just don't care. I've heard every tired and repetative complaint or sarcastic dismissal. I'm done suffering fools. Post here, and expect your post to be deleted.

If you really want to learn, then by all means stay and read. If you're angry like me, then stand up and speak out. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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