More on Me!Me!

I hate to give this nutcase any more attention that she deserves, but thanks to the friendly neighborhood lobbyists at the Center for Consumer Freedom we have some more info on Me!Me! Seems that Me!Me! is her stage name and she's actually Meredith Roth, a marketing and media relations professional. Which obviously qualifies her to comment on the unhealth of not-thin people.

The CFCF was outing Roth because she recently got the cops called on for a stunt where she tried to destroy an ice cream sundae table at a YMCA party.

Yeah. Seriously. She tried to destroy ice cream toppings at a party. We don't know about this thanks to sluthing into police reports or embarassing coverage in the local news. We know because Ms. Roth issued a damn press release bragging about her attempt to vandalize an ice cream table at a YMCA party.

This is the kind of person the media turns to when discussing fat issues. This is the kind of person who gets copious media time while fat activists are never seen. This is what our media regards as an expert on "obesity". You want to laugh at her until you realize how horribly depressing that all is.

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