Happy INDD!

So, today was International No Diet Day. Unfortunetly, a lot of people like to interpret this as "Cheat on your Diet" Day which very much misses the point, I'd say. INDD isn't supposed to be a day you get to eat cake while you loathe your body the rest of the year. I think it ought to be a celebration of self-acceptance. You don't gorge yourself on INDD because you don't deny yourself the rest of the year. I don't let myself get worked up over food guilt issues. I don't take undo responsibility for my eating. I eat what I want to. And no, that isn't ice cream every meal. People need to realize (fat people, too) that being fat isn't proof of being out of control. Indeed, as a self-accepting fat person I feel very much in control. In control of how I eat and how I feel. I haven't given up that control to some weight loss scheme designed to make me take false responsibility for being fat.

So how did I celebrate? I had a late breakfast. I went for a lovely hike in the Middlesex Fells. I came back and had a light snack and later had dinner and dessert. Just another day for me. Now that's a way to celebrate.

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