FOX hates us

And no, not for the normal vast right-wing conspiracy reasons. FOX, the most unoriginal network on television, has decided to a break from crappy realty shows and are developing a remake. Why go through the effort of ripping off old ideas when you can just DO old ideas. And what did they come up with?

Mr. Ed. The talking horse.

Okay, fine. Its FOX. They do this kind of thing. Its not even that high on the list of their crimes against the American public. (The premature cancelation of Futurama, Family Guy, Greg the Bunny, Andy Ricter Controls the Universe, etc. would certainly beat it hands down) But, that wasn't enough for Fox. Oh, no.

They are updating the show for an urban sensibility.

A show about a talking horse. With urban sensibility. Voiced by George Jefferson himself, pepetual ad man Sherman Hemsley.

I checked, and its not April 1. Which was important, because this is literally what someone would come up with if they wanted to make a joke about the horrific crimes of network executives. But, I kinda suspect that's how FOX gets its ideas sometimes. This is the network that gave us "When Animals Attack", after all.

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