So, what's with Red No. 3?

Oh, I figured I'd explain my blog title, since it is a little odd. My last blog title was very self-conscious and obvious as a result, so this one might seem a bit odd. Especially since my favorite color isn't red, its orange. So what's up with Red No. 3?

Well, originally, it was the name for a pop culture commentrary site I was going to do. Esentially, it was an uber-blog idea I had about a year and a half-ago. Its a shame I didn't finish it, because I had a really cool design and all the graphics put together, but I just got lazy with setting up webspace. Maybe I'll go back to eventually just because it looked so cool. The whole graphic look was designed around the graphics style of Boston's MBTA Subway system. I spent a lot of time researching their graphic design standards to get the look just right, and I was pretty proud of it. Wound up using it in a project for work, actually, so it didn't go to waste. Strictly speaking, I called it just Red 3 back then

I also wrote an explanation, which I publish for the first time here...

Red 3 is the food coloroing which may or may not cause cancer. I wanted a self-aware pop-culture kind of reference. Something which sounds cool and "inside", but obviously isn't. I went with "Red 3" over "Yellow 5" (the coloring in Mountain Dew) purely because I liked Red better and it was easier to design with. Generally speaking, I thought "Yellow 5" was a cooler reference, but since I was being conspiciously self-aware I figured the more pragmatic choice was appropriate. Very postmodern.

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