Those Weird Quiznos Commercials

Those weird Quiznos commercials have been troubling me for a while. You know, the ones with those weird singing creatures. When they first started airing, I tried to find out more about them. It looked very Flash animated and also reminded me of those bizarre singing kitten bumps that VH1 had been running a while back. But, alas, I couldn't find anything. So today, upon seeing the Quiznos ad again, I was reminded about how perplexing it was and went to post here a call for answers. Surely, someone knew where this came from. Surely, this was not the independant creation of an ad company.

Indeed, it wasn't. I did a quick web search and found another blog discussing the commercial with comments that actually knew the background. Those creatures are caled "Spongmonkeys". Indeed, the Quiznos ad is a rewrite of a prior animation, The Moon Song over at Rathergood.com.

Okay, so they were from somewhere. But I'm still not sure why Quiznos saw fit to make a commercial from them. Or VH1. I guess weirdness for weirnesses sake, so more power to them. The Travelocity Troll worked for me, maybe the Quiznos Spongmonkey will work for someone else. Doesn't matter if it works for me because there are no Quiznos around here anyway.

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