An Ode to Marc Summers

One of my favorite shows growing up was Nickelodeon's Double Dare, so it always warms my heart that Marc Summers is still on TV. As a little kid, he was that rare breed of cool adult. He's really just a good host. Its obviously what he was born to do. He's just got the touch.

A lot of kids show hosts, especially kids game shows like Double Dare, act like they are big kids. Not Marc. He let himself be an adult, but a fun adult. He wasn't acting goofy and dressing like a 12 year old like some people (I'm looking at you J. D. Roth) Heck, he almost always was wearing a tie and jacket. But he looked like he was genuinely having fun. He didn't make the show seem canned and stale, but gave it a spontianity because he genuinely seem amused with what was going on. For those who weren't watching Nickelodeon in the late 80's, what went on was all manner of slime, goo, and food play. The culmination of the show as the "Messiest Minute on TV", which involved the kid contestants running through a slime filled opsticle course. Which makes it all more amazing that Marc suffers from OCD. Literally, this had to be the worst job for someone with OCD, but he did great. And I've always got a special place in my TV heart for Marc Summers.

Sure, he's a little cheesy and over enthusiastic hosting the Food Network's Unwrapped series, but he makes it work. He's just got the natural charm to win us over. Not to mention its a cool idea for a show. The quick hits giving the behind the scenes scoop on favorite foods is just right. The stories are never too long for the premise to wear thin, but just enough to leave you satisfied. And with Marc Summers along for the ride, what's not to like?

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