I conquer Salmon

Been sick since Thursday night so haven't been able to post much. Some damn cold. Literally came down with it as I sat down to dinner Thurday. I've been trying to teach myself to cook Salmon Mignon (boneless Salmon steak) with limited success. I thought I finally had it figured out, and though I got a really nice crust to the Salmon, inside was completely rare. I've actually developed a taste for rare Salmon because I keep screwing it up, but I still prefer it Medium. But every recipe I find just doesn't cook it enough. I've tried different times, marinades, sauces, basting, what have you. It just hasn't worked. No cooking website was of any help on teaching what might not have been going right, either.

So, I decided to try a different tactic. Instead of looking for advice on cooking salmon steaks, how about just plain steaks. So simple, I'm embarassed I didn't think of it sooner. They had a ton of great suggestions and explanations for how it all works. I knew heat was a priority, so I pumped it up when heating my grill pan. Had it really smoking, so my eyes hurt, but it seemed to work. Also it was suggested to finish it in the oven, so I gave that a try. Seemed to do the trick. Also worked a little Lime marinade to boot, since I've been on a real lime kick lately. Got it medium rare without quite the crust I was hoping for, but still pretty damn good. Finally got Swordfish right a couple weeks ago, so I'm feel pretty good about myself. hehe.

Yay me! I might just learn how to cook, yet.

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