The Whole Point of Starting this Post

I'm really posting up a storm tonight, aren't I? Well, I was about to launch into three more posts, but I won't. I'll deal with them tomorrow. Or, um, latter today. But I wanted to remind myself of what I want to write about, as well as give you all a preview...

VH1 adapted their irreverent pop culture commentary format to a serious issue (portrayals of minorities on tv) and it actually worked.

New England has this cool local television food critic, The Phantom Gourmet and I was curious if other areas of the country had something similiar.

Harvey Birdman is back on [adult swim]. If you haven't seen it, start watching. Its hilarious.

And I think there was something else, but I guess I forgot it between starting this post and finishing it. Which was the whole point of starting this post. Damn it.

Ah, and now Bebop is running its series finale which dealt with this side story I always hated and which never made sense in the context of the show and which they thankfully hardly ever deal with. Damn it.

EDIT: Oh, now I remember the something else...

I'm warming up to the Anime-inspired Teen Titans on Cartoon Network. Wish I wasn't so quick to dismiss it in its first season.

Oh, and I was a little too hard on Cowboy Bebop's credits theme, but its still so much worse than all of the other great music on the show that it does stand out.

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