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Sorry, I haven't posted since I announced my break-up. No, I'm not moping around heartbroken. Just didn't feel like writing anything else. Still debating the whole satelite blog thing. Besides, I've been posting a lot at political blogs so that's been taking up a lot of time. So, I'm just going to toss off a bunch of random shit today.

First off, Amazon.com freaking rules. I ordered a book (Box Office Poison) and a DVD (Friends: Season 6). Now, I'm raving about Amazon all over work. I ordered this on Monday, and got it today. That's just fantastic! Free shipping and everything. When I get free shipping from Barnes and Noble, I get what I pay for. Amazon goes the extra distance, though. BUT, I did have a problem. Because what should I discover when I open up the book? Stuck between two pages is a dead fly. A fucking dead fly smeared over the book. I tried to be understanding about it, but the more I thought about it, the less I understood it. I mean, ewwwwwwww! How does that even happen? I'm more understanding about finding a fly in a salad. At least that makes sense. Anyway...

So Janet showed her boobie. Yeah, that really destroyed civilization. It really worries me when I see the reaction some people had. My reaction? "Was that Janet Jackson's breast?" And that was it. But that gets a government investigation in a matter of hours. The Vice President's staff exposing a CIA operative's identity and the Justice Department drags its feet. Iraq intelligence takes a few days, and only so long as the investigation is set up in such a way that it can only punish the CIA. But this has all been said by better people than I.

Did you know there is a professional, major league Hockey team in Columbus? Well, of course YOU don't know, but I didn't either. Not that I'm a hockey fan, but I figured I watched enough Sportscenter to have an understanding of it on a basic level. I knew all the other teams, even some other new ones. But Columbus? Columbus, Ohio? A major league sports franchise? Columbus? See, this is why I don't like hockey.

Have I mentioned that I collect Muppets action figures? Oh. My. God. They just keep kicking so much ass it's not funny. (Oh, and I do know I'm swearing a lot. Just mixing it up, keeping it real, and all that jazz. *cough*) ANYWAY, they just released some previews of upcoming figures to their newsletter. They are so cool. I can't show you pictures, I'm afraid, since its an exclusive fan club newsletter deal for people who pay them money to get special figures, which I finally decided to do since they are supposed to come out with a special Jim Henson as a muppet figure sometime this year. Which kicks ass, but isn't what I'm really excited about. The figures so far have been awesome in detail and playability. They look great, dead-on accurate, but they are fun, too. I just love that I have a figure of the Muppet newsman, and Gonzo with Camilla, and Statler and Waldorf, even. The coolest thing have been their playsets, though. The Swedish Chef Kitchen set is just sick. Its got like 40 kitchen accessories that are all perfect and great on their own, but the kitchen itself is insane. Its just so much fun. I love collecting these toys because its just a great flashback to when I was a kid and so easily amused by a new toy. Anyway, a future playset is the real holy grail. They are doing the Muppet backstage. The thing is 2.5 floors and it looks perfect. Just like it was on the show. I already can't wait. Anyway, check out their site and some of what they've released. I can't recommend them enough. They are just a great company that really cares about their fans, too, which is always cool.

Like you cared about that. hehe.

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