Back to the Future

So, yeah. I know I haven't been posting. You haven't been reading, though, so it evens out.

I've been mulling what to do with my blog for a while. I probably should make it more specific since I imagine this being a more productive blog rather than a glimpse into my subconscious. That's what MySpace is for, after all.

But specific about what? Politics? While it was my major, there are SO many brilliant people already writing about politics in general. I'm not sure I'd have enough to offer or at least the time to to offer it right. Television? I'm tempted. I've always loved TV and writing about it. But, my taste has gotten so specific that I'm still not sure what I'd hope to accomplish. Fat acceptance? I've got the passion for the subject, that's for sure. But my ambilivence towards the structures of the movement (specifically, the eagerness institutional fat acceptance has for abandoning fat acceptance at the request of bigots) makes it a tough thing to commit energy to as a single issue blog. But maybe.

So, I'm still floundering. But work is a little easier for a little while, so maybe I'll have more time to plan things our and have an idea about where I'm going. Maybe, anyway.