Fat Classics

For a change of pace, I figured I'd link to some of my prior discussions about fat attraction...

"Eventually not about Britney Spears" is a musing about growing up in a culture that offers no images of fat women. Obviously, from the perspective of a man who is attracted to fat women during that period of development and definition of my sexual identity.

"Gay men don't find women attractive! GASP!" is my response to sex columnist Dan Savage's temper tantrum at having to endure the sight of size 10 and 12 women wearing tight pants.

"GLH" is a continuation of that discussion of Savage's bitter hatred for "Girl Love Handles" (or GLH) as I encounter a young woman sporting some of her own. Basically, I conclude that supporters and detractors of fat people both seem to be eager to make the same exact misinterpretation of such a sight.

"Sexual aesthetic" is a straightforward discussion about my being attracted to fat women and some of the results of that attraction.

Not everything from the archives on the subject, but a short review on a theme.