Preventative Organ Amputation?!?

Some insane fat stories this month, as we learned that fat people are to blame for global warming or high gas prices (depending on your political persuasion), but perhaps the most frightening story was from the organ amputation industry. It starts off predictably enough. The industry is touting new procedures that will WAY more safer than what they've been doing. Anyone who follows the bariatric surgery industry knows that they make this claim every few years. The come out with some change, insist is revolutionary that all of the frightening fatalities from weight loss surgery must be ignored because they aren't doing that kind of surgery anymore. Couple years go by and the cycle begins anew.

The frightening thing was the intention to expand the use of organ amputation as a "preventative" opperation. This is nothing short of insane and deeply disturbing. Weight loss surgery is exceptionally risky and is being promoted as a final solution with abandon. People are dying because of this, and they want to EXPAND its use in the guise of prevention? Its scary enough that our medical establishment can justify destroying a healthy and properly working body system. That they would advocate such an extreme measure in the name of "prevention" is offensive. These are the stakes fat people are facing. This is why there needs to be a voice against fat hatred. I'm deeply afraid for Size Acceptance. The movement has been overrun with surgery promoters who want to silence Size Acceptance. We all need to resist these efforts. The stakes are too grave to allow such manipulation to go unchallenged.