Go Here

I've been bogged down at work so I haven't had much opportunity to write. So, I thought it might be a good idea to spotlight a few people who are writing things worth reading.

Do I HAVE to hate Old Navy? is a MySpace blog by a woman who recently discovered that Old Navy carries Plus Size clothing but slightly more recently discovered that her local Old Navy was discontinuing Plus Size clothing. While I was encouraged that Old Navy tentatively expanded to includ Plus Sizes, they've supported the move with no promotion and it seems that when no one came to something no one knew existed, they've decided to call the effort a failure. Old Navy needs to be called out for this and called on to promote their plus-size wares. Fat clothing should stop being marginalized. This can make Old Navy money. I'd like to know why they seem to think fat women's money isn't worth as much as every else's. If you're on MySpace, I'd suggesting adding her as a Friend.

Junk Food Science is something you already know about, but its worth mentioning all the same. Writer (and Red No. 3 reader) Sandy Szwarc recently started the blog and has already done some must-read writing. I don't agree with Sandy about everything, but I'm nothing but happy to have her as an ally on fat acceptance. She brings a much needed perspective and expertise to the discussion. She does a great job debunking the plethora of nonsense stories and studies about fat and food that the media dutifully reports all the time. Bookmark her site and read it regularly. Its well worth your time.

Finally, I'd like to suggest a visit to Big Moves. Both the website, and one of their shows. I've been fortunate enough to see two Big Moves performances and they were really great shows. Their "Heavy Metal Holidays" is coming up on December 10, and I'm looking forward to it.