don't go see jeepers creepers 2

Okay, I'll get back to real issues later tonight, but for now, I want to make a plea to my readers. Do NOT see Jeepers Creepers 2 this weekend. Its director, Victor Salva, does not deserve your money.

Why? Because he is a convicted child molestor. Moreover, he coersed his 12-year old victim from a movie he was directing. Especially disturbing is the fact that the film was recently released on DVD. That is, the film that served as a method for him sexually assaulting a young boy is still making money for Salva and MGM. The production company, run by Francis Ford Copella, actually sued the VICTIM when his mother pulled him off the movie when she discovered her son was abused by Salva. Thankfully, Salva is a moron who FILMED his crimes. With this evidence, he was able to plea bargain himself a sentance of 15-months. Now, he cracks jokes and decieves people about the nature of his crime. He may have done his time, but he's never demonstrated any interest in apologizing for his actions. He also keeps making movies about children, although studios have at least the intelligence to not let a child on one of his sets again.

I have very little tolerance for child molesters. It is an act which horrifies me to my core. Sexual abuse of children is about as unforgivable as it gets, and our society is FAR too leniant against these scum bags. 15 months is not an appropriate sentance for rape, especially with a child victim, ESPECIALLY when you taped the damn thing. There is nothing we can do about that, now, but that doesn't mean this criminal deserves our money. I have very little desire to forgive child molestation. Especially when the scum bag exhibits little or no remorse or desire to rehabilitate. Especially with what we've seen about the prospects of rehabilitation for child molesters. Moreover, there should be consequences for such beahvior. There are plenty of people who who have never forced a 12-year old boy to perform oral sex on them who aren't getting to write and direct movies. I would say that it would make some sense to put convicted child molestors who used their job in the film industry to procure a victim should go to the back of the line.

I have never seen any of Salva's films. I'm not going to. Especially what I have read from those who have seen his work with an understanding that the director is a child molester. Powder is said to have strong allusions to an outlook which is textbook for child molesters where they feel alienated and superior to people who don't "understand" their relationships. The first Jeepers movie, too, has been said to have some creepy moments that had nothing to do with its horror movie pretext, but rather with the real horrors Victor Salva has committed.

Sorry, I know I'm really going off, but this is something that really bothers me and I get reminded with every ad for the film that this scum bag is continuing to get to persue a profession after he used the profession to molest a 12 year old boy. I just don't think that is right, and I urge you not to give this man any of your hard earned money.

Oh, and as to the comparisons to Roman Polanski and Woody Allen that inevitably get brought up whenever anyone tries to point out Salva's crimes. First things, first. Pretty much everyone knows what Allen and Polanski did. Not everyone knows what Salva did, so it merits discussion so that people who don't want to support child molesters can make the informed decision to stay away. Next, Allen was accused of child molestation but it was never proven. What he did with Soon-Yi Previn was bizarre and wrong, and he did a great deal of emotional harm to the children he shared with Mia Farrow by breaking up their marriage in such an indefensible manner. All very wrong, but also not criminal and certainly not on part with forcing a child to have sex with you. As to Polanski, I don't want to go to see his films, either. I went to see The Pianist under duress and only because I didn't pay for it. I've never rented any of his films and I never will. He raped a young girl, and it was not consentual as some like to pretend, and I still have no tolerance for that. I'm still upset with myself for going to see The Pianist and I doubt I'll ever go to a Polanski film again. But there is a difference here. Polanski did not use his job as a director to acquire his victim. The other difference is that Polanski never paid his debt to society. He fled. As many problems as Polanski has experienced in his life, I can't respect that. BUT, he did go through a LOT in his life. A lot more than a guy like Salva who caught ever break you could. Salva wasn't imprisoned by the Nazi's, and didn't have his pregnant wife mudered by Charlie Manson. It doesn't excuse Polanski's crime or his fugitive status, but it sure makes his case different from Salva. I also don't believe any of Polanski's films can be interpreted as an justification of child molestation. But, yeah, I don't want to go see his movies either for the same reason as Salva.

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