martha stewart and her pillows

After the somber nature of my last two posts, I wanted to post something a little more frivelous for the weekend. So, lets discuss Martha Stewart's pillows. And no, that is not some kind of play on words. I litterally mean her pillows, available at K-Mart.

I bought a pair of them a while back. I was less that satisfied with my pillows, and I felt I needed another set, anyway, to complete my bed. So, her's were on sale and they looked quite comfy so I picked them up.

They are quite comfy, but they get horribly misshapen at the drop of a hat. They rarely resemble pillows in any meaningful sense, and I can't get them back into any normal form. Its really annoying. Especially since my old pillows were so dependable at keeping their form. Oh, well. What do I expect when I get Pillows from someone who committed Securties Fraud.

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