obligatory introduction

Okay, so I promissed an introduction, so here it is. Why am I writing yet another blog dealing with absolutely nothing of importance? Well, oddly enough, because I was inspired by a friend's online diary. Her diary deals with a lot of deeply personal issues and is cathartic, informing, and brilliant literature all at the same time. I am consistantly impressed with what she is able to do with her web log and it has gotten me excited about writing again.

When I was in high school, writing was a major part of my life. Primarily through wildly unstructured stream of conscious poetry. I committed myself to writing something every day and I kept to it. Was it all great literature? Heck, no, but it kept me working at it and thinking about writing. So that's what I am trying to do again.

My mind is constantly racing with any number of creative ideas that I never follow through on. So, I figured, as I tried to get back to exploring my creative side, why not start small. Hence, the disorganized meanderings that will appear here. Now, I'm an opinionated sort, so expect ranting about more important matters than parades and vanilla flavored cola. But, expect a lot of self-important discussion, too, and just my random observations on my life and times. I might even get serious from time to time, but I usually hover between angry and passionate so serious doesn't get much room.

Will it be great literature? I doubt it. But it will be writing, and that's the point. For now, anyway.

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