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Those who know me in the real world will inevitably learn very quickly that I am a notoriously picky eater. I am oft reviled for only eating 5 things. Now, I contend that this is a gross overstatement of how picky I am, but I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the most open-minded eater ever. And I hate spicey food, which seems to comprise the great expanse of cooking options.

The weird thing is, I love cooking shows. Not all cooking shows, mind you, although I could easily watch any cooking show as kind of dead viewing. I watch and enjoy despite the fact that not only will I never make any of these things, but I wouldn't even like them if I did make them. It started with Iron Chef but I've come to be a huge fan of Good Eats with Alton Brown. Its fun, not over-involved, and is just good television. Its also gotten me the closest to actually mimicking a TV chef. Alton spoke of the wonder that is cast iron and helped convince me to buy a cast iron rill pan from Lodge. Suffice to say, I've been very pleased. He also first introduced me to Kosher Salt. Now, my girlfriend helped along here when she made me fresh popped popcorn with kosher salt, but Alton Brown first planted the seeds. Now, I'm huge into Kosher Salt. I haven't used my Table Salt in nearly a year. I'd probably be getting an Iodine deficency if I didn't use Iodinzed salt on my lunch most days.

ANYWAY, on Good Eats, Alton has this flip top device for his Kosher salt that I have long coveted by have not been able to find anywhere. My girlfriend actually went on a pretty extended search for it last Christmas trying to get it as a surprise gift knowing how much I wanted it. She struck out, too. The cool thing about this item is that its relatively shallow and has a top which can be raised with a trigger. This makes it perfect for adding a pinch of salt to something. Right now, I'm just dumping out a bit of Kosher Salt into my hand and pinching from that. This usually wastes a lot of salt, though, and is a bit of a pain to begin with. Alton's device just looks so simple, so perfect. So, I keep trying to sneak into every kitchen's good store into what has felt like an increasingly hopeless search. Until yesturday.

I happened to do a websearch for Good Eats and discovered that Alton Brown had his own website. On his home page was a mysterios text banner reading "Salt Cellars are in". Was this my long-sought for Kosher Salt holder? Indeed, my hopes were realized. He actually sells the Salt Cellars directly. And a thing of beauty they are! So now, at long last, I can fully persue my kitchen dreams of pinching salt just like my hero. Yay! I've seriously been wanting one of these for years, and now it is within grasp. Like I said, Yay!

Have I mentioned that I'm easily amused?

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