dude, where's my birthday?

So, I was on IMDB looking up celebrities born the same year as my girlfriend as she's about to have a birthday and is anxious about her age. I thought I could logically reason out of this by pointing out hip, young celebs who are the same age as her. I keep noticing it in recent months, so I figure I would sit down and come up with names. Found some good ones, too, but naturally, this isn't the kind of thing you can argue against as age is such a screwed up concept in our society.

I did manage to make myself feel young, though, when I checked out my own birth year. It seems I was born in the same year as such luminaries as Ashton Kutchner. (shudder) Also Joshua Jackson, Countess Vaughn, the guy who played Jake Sisko on DS9, Sisqo, Josh Hartnett, plus size model Mia Tyler, Ethan Embry, second best comic actor of his generation, Topher Grace, and the best comic actor of his generation, Jason Biggs.

Not like any of them make me feel old, (although Embry and Hartnett have both played homicide detectives) but man does Ashton Kutchner make me feel young. I mean, he's the epitome of horribly immature actors. Oh, well. Anyway, if I want to feel old I just need to watch MTV and realize that I'm no longer in the young demographic they are going for.

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