they report, they decide.

Ah, that's right! I meant to post every day. Well, its before midnight, at least. hehe

So, did you hear about FOX suing Al Franken over the phrase "Fair and Balanced" which apparently is the official property of Fox. I swear, the jokes write themselves. I'm not crazy about Franken's fat-baiting, but FOX is motivated by nothing less than bitterness. Their court brief goes into much detail about how unfunny Franken is, as if that mattered in the least. It also commits what I have to assume is liable when they insisted he was either intoxicated or deranged for confronting their poster boy, Bill O'Reiley. Or is that slander. I guess Fox isn't familiar with the concept of satire or fair use. I don't think Franken could have come up with a better publicity stunt if he tried. Fox is reminding us, yet again, that Ann Coulter is not as unrepresentative of the "mainstream" right as most of us would like to believe. Its not too far from her accuasations that dissent=treason to Fox's detirmination that dissent is actionable. It'd be funny if it wasn't so damn sad that this is really happening.

And in other news, I've been commented on! YEAH! That brings readership of this blog up to a whopping two, including myself. Woo hoo!

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