random thoughts #1

The Honda Element isn't nearly as cute as it thinks it is. Its the plastic paneling that kills it for me. I know its supposed to be functional, as this is an Extreme Sports kinda car, but its just so damn ugly. The only ones that kind pull it off are the silver ones, because its a light enough color to pull of the contrast with the dark plastic paneling.

Ben Affleck should pay Kevin Smith to put him in movies. I like Affleck, and all, but the fact is that when he's in a Kevin Smith film his acting is taken to another level. Chasing Amy and Dogma stand out for his best acting work by a wide margin. Most of the time, he just mugs for the camera and allows himself to be Ben Affleck, movie star. Don't get me wrong, this isn't the worst thing in the world. There are a number of great entertainers who forge a career playing themselves in every role. Think Alec Baldwin. Has there ever been a movie where he wasn't overtly Alec Baldwin? Its the Cary Grant school of being a movie star, rather than acting. The thing is, Affleck is GOOD when he works with Smith. He should have been nominated for an Oscar for his work in Dogma. At the least, he could be taken seriously as in the running. Ditto for Chasing Amy. You think that was the case for Armageddon or The Sum of all Fears? Or the absurd impressions he passes off as acting in Good Will Hunting and Gigli? (okay, he wasn't bad in Good Will Hunting, but there were a lot of moments where he was unintentionally amusing) He makes his bank because people know he can act up a storm because they saw it with Kevin Smith. I'm just saying.

Man, fresh tomatoes are good. I mean, really store-bought are such a pale replica of the real thing. Ditto on Strawberries.

Just got Al Franken's new book. it was published a month early to capitalize on publicity. Its good stuff. Very, its funny cuz its true, though, which is also frightening. And no fat jokes, yet, which is good.

I think I need to go now, because my girlfriend's new kitten just jumped on my lap, and seriously, do you think anyone can ignore a cute kitten?

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